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What is a Mind Map?

Seth Godin wrote in his book Stop Stealing Dreams – “The magic of connecting dots is that, once you learn the technique, the dots can change but you’ll still be good at connecting them.” Mind Maps are the ideal tool to enhance your learning experience by easily connecting ideas and making connections.

Mind Maps are widely recognised as an effective method to improve understanding and memory through the visual representation of information. The GoConqr online Mind Mapping tool allows you the freedom to unlock your creativity by expressing ideas quickly and intuitively.

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Mind Map Benefits

Mind Maps particularly appeal to students who learn visually but we can all benefit from using Mind Maps. Creating a Mind Map will give you a broad overview of your subject or study topic. They also appeal to those who seek a broad overview of a subject or study topic.

Online Mind Maps can help you:

  • Make connections between different areas
  • Create a broad overview of your subject/study topic
  • Plan your projects or subject topics
  • Delve in-depth into an area

Mind Mapping is also perfect for planning. Create a Mind Map online to plan any essays; each Mind Map node can delve deeper into one area and you can easily make connections between different areas which you may not have seen before. Being able to have an in-depth and broad overview of a study topic simultaneously is what makes mind makes such a good study tool.

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How to Create a Mind Map with GoConqr

Benefits of GoConqr's Mind Map Tool

Our free mind map software, hosted on GoConqr.com is perfect for connecting the dots. It gives you the freedom and versatility to express ideas and information in an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-understand way. Whether you’re brainstorming ideas with friends or mind mapping the life and death of Napoleon, having the information displayed in such a unique way allows you to make connections you never thought possible. Create a Mind Map online and connections leap out at you!

Alongside having a unique way of presenting our online mind map software, we also allow you to attach Flashcards, Quizzes & Notes to any node within your Mind Map. You can also attach snippets which you can fill with notes, pictures or links to any other resource. You can then share your online Mind Map with friends or even print it if you wish. Our free mind map tool allows you to create an all-encompassing map that you can tailor, on the go, to fit your needs and help you study.

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