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Flashcard Benefits

No one enjoys memorising stuff, at best it’s time-consuming, and at worst it’s a tedious hellfire of monotony. However, we all know that it is a necessary aspect to understand and learn new information. Sometimes you just have to sit down and learn something.

There are many different ways of memorising stuff, everyone has their own technique. Many techniques have been proven over time to work better than others.

Thankfully though our free GoConqr Flashcard tool is perfect for studying and memorising all that vocab, history dates or formulas and everything  in-between.

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Benefits of GoConqr’s Flashcards Tool

GoConqr’s Flashcards are quick and easy to create, and, as they are online, they can be accessed from anywhere. It’s the perfect thing to kill some time while you’re on the bus or to get a quick recap of key terms before you go in and sit an exam. If you have a smartphone you’ll always have access to your flashcards and will be able to test yourself on the go.

You can also share them with friends and they can share with you, so you can test each other and see who is the nerdiest of them all. In addition, you can include pictures in your Flashcards to help those who learn visually. You could also use our flashcards as guide to help you give a presentation, put the key words in and it’s like having a little PowerPoint in your hand. The major benefit of using our flashcards is that you can constantly test yourself and know which areas you have memorised, and then you can discard them and create a whole new deck so you’re always challenging yourself to learn more.

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Improve your Learning Experience

The average person apparently spends one hour everyday just waiting (that could be nearly 3 years over a lifetime). Imagine if you transformed this time into something productive for study. Our free Flashcards could help you be more productive:

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P.S. They also save the trees, gotta love the trees!

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