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Looking to get better results for SAT, AP, GED test or to optimize your college prep? Visit our study portals for tips, sample resources and tools to give you the edge.

Top students use online tools to succeed. Find out how Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes, Slides and Notes can help you learn.


Create & Develop

Take the boredom out of study. Create compelling learning resources with our free Mind Maps, Notes, Flashcards, Slides & Quiz Making Tools.

Discover & Explore

Get that extra edge by discovering learning resources. Build up your knowledge with hundreds of thousands of resources from around the globe.


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Learning with others is more effective. Build learning communities in minutes – create groups, discuss, share resources. Let the knowledge flow!

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Track your learning progress against your resources. See how quickly you pick up knowledge. You’ve got Exam Success covered!


Mind Maps

Brainstorm, outline learning topics, prepare essays, connect ideas – you can do it all with our Mind Map creator.


Create quizzes in different formats, time your answers and track your progress to fully prepare for your test.


Increase memory with our engaging Flashcards, they’re perfect for remembering definitions, dates, formulae, vocabulary and more.


Capture your ideas and learning material in your own words plus add images & video to get those extra marks using the notes tool.


Create engaging resources to achieve better learning outcomes. Slides lets you bring it all together to create a powerful learning resource.

Study Planner

Smart students have a plan. Manage your study effectively and monitor your time on each subject to keep focused and boost motivation.

Learn on the Go

Never be more than a swipe away from learning, no matter where you are.

The GoConqr Mobile Apps are ideal for reviewing the resources you’ve created.

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